Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quilled frame

Quilling is so much fun... Amazing stuff can be done just with tiny paper strips ...
Once I started trying my hands on them its become my all time favourite...

If anyone is wanting for the tutorial I shall link the sites I referred to ....

Planning to make more of these frames as they add real beauty to my room 

The only problem is to find the materials in Salem.. I get most of my stuff online through Itsy Bitsy which is an amazing craft store and even tell my friend in Bangalore to get some stuff .

How lucky to be blessed with friends who really offer their helping hand when we really need them.

Will update the stores soon from where the stuffs are bought from


  1. Hi Friend..
    I have passed a blog award to you as a small token of appreciation.. please check it in my blog and pass forward it to blogs that you like...

    Thank u & God Bless


  2. yyayyy yayyyy !!!! thank u so much

  3. Hi Hema I found you through Paperie Design's studio blog.. Happy to follow your blog ... and my native is Salem too but settled in Chennai with my parents :)

    1. So happy to hear that your native is Salem...

  4. hi can i get this tutorial. i saw ur link om dana's quilling blog