Monday, April 22, 2013

My first blog award..

Am so excited with my first blog award passed on as a token of appreciation.. Thank u Jabaslin Hephzibah for passing this to Meeee...


- thank  the person who gave you the award

- put a link of her/his blog in your blog

- put in your blog the logo of the award

- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members

- put links to this blog

- inform these people that they received the award

- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself

I would to pass the award to the following bloggers... Good luck :-)
  1. Vandhitha
  2. Sujana
  3. Sreeja
  4. Shalini
  5. Niirmitti
  6. Nidhi
  7. Julie

7  facts about me !!

1.Oh ya...Love to keep people around me happy
2.My greatest gift is my hubby who encourages me every second with my passion for crafting
3.I love spending time with my lovely baby boy who is just 4 months old..
4.I  keep updating myself with things that interest me and of-course ya my first preference goes to crafts :-)
5.Love to spend money on shopping.. Don't we all love to .. :-)
6.Haaaa!!! I hate sitting jobless at home .. 
7.I just love to be loved